Soil Stablilisation
"DNS delivered a good stable base, it's an area where they have considerable expertise "
Adrian Bywater (Project Manager, Laing O'Rourke)

Traditional methods of profiling a construction site can prove to be time consuming and costly. If you are looking for an alternative method of stabilising soil conditions on site, talk to DNS. It can be far quicker and cheaper to stabilise existing soil conditions with binders like lime and cement. We have considerable expertise in this area and can assists you with the design of site levels to give optimum utlisation of soil. Naturally, we can include earth-moving as part of the process if the project requires this.

Soil stabilisation needs a specialist approach and that's where DNS can help. We have experience of projects up to 200,000m3 and can provide advice, specialist equipment and practical assistance to fully prepare sites ready for building works.