Here at DNS we understand the importance of technology and aim to be at the forefront of innovation within the industry.We invest heavily in GPS technology to aid us in all phases of construction, including surveying and mapping, locating buried and overhead utilities, enhancing material application, facilitating heavy machinery precision grading and excavation and the final as built survey.


DNS operates the latest surveying equipment on the market. We undertake digital terrain and volumetric analysis modelling to provide a quantitate assessment and detailed cut & fill calculation.

With the use of Trimble Business Centre we can create accurate integrated 3D models, aid better planning decisions, decrease costly mistakes and control real time data between office and field.


The most recent addition to our fleet includes a Komatsu PC210LCi-10 excavator with factory-installed GPS technology. There are a number of benefits you get with the precise positioning of the buckets edge made possible through GPS excavation:-

No over-digging. The system will not allow the cut to go below a set depth. The bucket stops at the exact bottom of the trench, so you never disturb (and consequently have to re-compact) the existing soil below grade. Dig once, and move on.

Safety. With the accuracy of the dig controlled by the GPS data to a centimetre or two, you can eliminate the need for surveyors on the ground checking surface levels thus saving manpower and reducing risks.

Real time data. The monitor within the cab allows real time dig positions to be fed back to the office enabling better planning management.

Productivity, Efficiency and Quality. Getting the job done correctly first time and quickly, significantly speeds up progress and reduces material wastage.


  • Controlled Precision and Salvage Demolition Operations
  • Can Handle a Complex or Delicate Project.
  • Offer a Complete Demolition Package
  • Committed to Health & Safety Standards
  • Real Value on your Construction Project
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